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Wilty event - Digging in the dirt by horseg27 Wilty event - Digging in the dirt by horseg27
Arrival Image: The beginning
Day 31
Location: Alpas Island mountain - E3

Mitchell got out of hospital the day before but Philip decided that he could still do with some rest and refused to let him come. Of course he didn’t like that but he received some compensation by being able to stay with the pups all day. So Philip tripped over to Alpas alone with the girls.

They headed up the north mountain again, hoping to come across more dogs. Travelling along the path, Cherry barked and raced ahead.

“Did ya find somethin girl?”

Following the husky, Philip hoped for another dog. But upon seeing what happened to her, he stopped with a groan. “Cherry…”

Sophie kept pace with him as he walked over to the dog digging near a tree.

“Cherry, not this again,” he groaned. Pausing, he looked around and sighed. “And in the exact same place as last time too.”

Cherry looked up at him and whined before pawing at the hole she'd dug. Curious as to what would have her so wound up, the man knelt down by the hole. Sophie joined him, leaning in and sniffing around. She whined softly.

Wiping some of the dirt away, Philip jumped back in shock, tripping and ending up on his back. Collecting himself, he swallowed and attempted to return his breathing to normal. Kneeling by the hole again he stared down at the skeletal remains of a human. And though he was no expert, from the clothes he believed the body had been there longer than the army base.

Cherry pawed at the dirt around the bones.

“No,” he said firmly. “Stop that. We're going to let this guy rest in piece. I'll have nothing to do with dead bodies.”

He started to push the dirt back over the man, when Sophie darted forward to dig a bit.

“Sophie. No,” growled Philip reaching for her. “Leave him alone.”

She darted just out of reach before racing in digging a moment more and darting off with something in her mouth.

“Sophie! So help me if that's one of his bones!”

The Cavalier sat down, dropping the object, revealing it to not be a bone but rather a necklace pendant. Blinking, Philip stared at it. “No way…”

It was just like the one Mitchell found, except this one was silver with an emerald.

Picking it up, he wiped the soil from it. He half snorted, half laughed, “And the mystery deepens.”
Word count: 400

And it's at this point I realise that my have created a plot point I want to continue for myself after the event :D

Human: Discover 13 by Null-Entity
Dog(left): Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by @twisted4evastock
Dog(right): Siberian Husky Movement 4 by Hollow-Heaven
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