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Wilty event - Nap time by horseg27 Wilty event - Nap time by horseg27
Arrival Image: The beginning
Day 30
Location: Alpas Island mountain - C4

Waking up this morning, I was quickly reminded of the previous days events. My master’s bed was empty except for me and Sophie. Jumping off the bed, I trotted over to the little enclosure we kept the pups. It was empty. I’d forgotten we hadn’t picked them up yesterday.

Going back to the beds, I watched Philip sleep. He was still wearing the same furs as yesterday and hadn’t tried to wash off his smell either. I still don’t understand why humans constantly want to get rid of their scent. Anyway, it was getting late and about time he got up, so I nudged at his arm. He didn’t respond, and I nudged a bit harder. This time he let out a groan and rolled over. Nuh-uh boyo, we need to go. Maybe my master will be on the floating wood. Jumping into the bed, I licked at his face. Sophie told me to stop, but I needed to get the human up. He needed to collect our things.

Finally the human awoke, batting me away and wiping my spit from his face. He didn’t seem to appreciate my love but he was up. It wasn’t long after this that we were headed out to the island. Mitchell wasn’t with us though. I missed him. Philip kept patting me and assuring me he was alright but I wanted to see him for myself. We didn’t bring the horse either, as Philip barely had enough time to get us ready before we left.

Out on the island, Sophie and I sniffed about but my heart wasn’t in it. I wanted my master… When we stopped to rest, Philip fell asleep on the ground his storage fur under his head. Loyal little dog that she was, Sophie kept watch over the human. I just wandered around some more, checking up on the human every so often. If I ever come across the man that hurt my master again, I’m gonna take a such a large bite out of him he won’t be able to walk again…
Word count: 344

Dog(left): Siberian Husky Stock 011by EssenceOfPerception
Human: Sleepy Time 01 by Null-Entity
Dog(right): mine
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