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Wilty event - The Final Day by horseg27 Wilty event - The Final Day by horseg27
Arrival Image: The beginning
Day 33
Location: Alpas Island mountain - A2

Handing the puppies over to the Siping staff for the last time, the team from Swirl Side headed off once again to Alpas island. There was great joy and yet some sadness. It was their last day on the island and they likely wouldn't ever be coming back. Both would miss venturing out into the jungle, despite the heat and humidity. It had been quite an adventure for them both, one they weren't about to forget any time soon, if ever.

The whole affair had been a success in their books. So many dogs had been rounded up and able to be given better care than they'd ever received their whole lives. Plus many puppies had been found as well. All going off to good homes. Their own two would be welcome additions to the ranch. Pam and Cindy would be much loved, once Stacy got over the shock of having new dogs anyway.

“Hey, what are you going to do when we get home?” Mitchell asked.

“Have a nice long uninterrupted sleep,” replied Philip. “You?”

“Honestly, I'll probably be crushed to death by my parents. But after that I think I'd like to catch up on the TV shows I missed. Doesn't that sound great, girl?” he gave Cherry a scratch behind the ears.  

The young man chuckled, “If you say so. At least you don't have chores to go back to.”

“Do you think- I mean- if- when, my parents get over me having been away for so long, do you think it would be ok if I came back to the ranch?”

“Don't see why not. Not too sure how your parents will take to your wanting to up and leave them again so soon, but when they're ready, yeah. I could use another man around to help with taking care of the ranch.”

The boy looked at him eagerly, “You mean it?”

“Yep,” he grinned. “Don't be too quick to return, though. Show your parents some love first and heal up that broken arm. Can't help much with your arm in a sling.”

“Will do. I can't wait.”

“For now, let's enjoy what's left of our adventure. Betcha I can find another dog before you can.”

Mitchell smirked. “You're on! Cherry find!”

Jumping onto Mistletoe, Philip called, “Come on Sophie, Mistletoe. Let's show the kid how it’s done!”

The little dog let out a bark and rushed into the vegetation. Urging the stallion forward, Philip took off after the dog.

“Hey, no fair!”

“All's fair in love and war, and bets!” he called back over his shoulder.
Word count: 431

And this makes the final entry for the anniversary event. I had a picture for every single day! I'm so proud! And also like, 'Nattie, what the hay were you thinking doing this before NaNo? You should have been preparing, and storing up your creative reserves.' Oh well, I had so much fun participating over the last month that I regret nothing. I do look forward to working on other pictures for my ranch and I don't hate drawing people so much anymore. All in all, I'd definitely call it a win. But for now I'd better get back to my NaNo story before I fall even more behind!

Horse&rider: Buckskin Paint Horse Gelding, Western by HorseStockPhotos
Human: Relaxed T-Pose by Null-Entity
Dog(left): Diamond 21 by bellatora-stock
Dog(right): mine
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Congrats on doing a picture every day! That is quite an accomplishment :) This is great
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